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Only The Uninformed Pay Annual Credit Card Fees

Tuesday, July 31st, 2007

Like every other financial industry out there, the credit industry is highly competitive. These companies fight an everyday battle to attract customers. And this battle is raged with their credit cards.

There is absolutely no reason to pay for a credit card. Almost all, if not all, of your cards should have no annual fee attached to them. Why people pay an annual fee for a credit card is beyond me.

What is the best way to get a free credit card? The best way to receive these offers is to have a good credit score. You see, your credit information is being accessed all the time by credit companies looking for new customers. Almost everyone gets credit card applications. But the people with the best credit scores get the best offers.

When I was first building my credit I would get the standard credit card offers in the mail. These of course had annual fees and unimpressive perks. After a time of being financially responsible with my credit the offers began to improve.

Over the month I noticed:

- the annual fees dropping
- the credit limits being offered increasing
- the perks increasing

Eventually I all but stopped receiving applications with annual fees. The offers I was receiving were far better than the previous ones. There is no secret here. The terms you are offered are based on your credit profile.

Now if you have a good credit history and are really interested in more than a free credit card, you should do some searching for good offers. There are many financial websites out there that frequently post good credit card deals. All you have to do is check the forum everyday and wait for a deal to pop up.

The two main forums I check on for good credit card deals are fatwallet.com and slickdeals.com. Here great offers pop up often. What kind of deal can you get? Well my last card I got has no annual fee, 0% interest for 6 months and I received $250 in rewards money for signing up for it.

I????????d do a lot for $250. Checking up on a forum is nothing.

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Is The Michael Vick Dog Fighting Saga Really A Racial Divide?

Friday, July 27th, 2007

Now that the Michael Vick dog fighting saga is really starting to heat up, we are beginning to see the ???????twistings of truth??????? that are common place in this situations. On July 26, 2007 Dan Wetzel of Yahoo Sports wrote an article about the scene that played out in front of the court house that is handling Vick????????s trial.

The author writes about the racial divide that is surrounding this issue. In the article Wetzel discusses how whites have already convicted Vick and about how blacks say that someone accused of a crime is innocent until proven guilty. It is pretty clear that he is saying that both side????????s opinions are racially based.

While the article is seemingly unbiased and thought provoking, it is in fact flawed by its lack of attention to detail. Let????????s examine more thoroughly the powers and demographics that are taking sides on this issue and see how racially divided this really is.

There are a few issues that need to be looked at here. This issue is not as black and white as Wetzel would like you to believe.

The Protester Side:

Wetzel leads you to believe that the white protesters at the courthouse are all racists. If say for instance a white NFL Quarterback had been accused of the crime, then they wouldn????????t be there.

Sure that could be one reason. All the whites there could be racists and are chomping at the bit to lynch a black man; especially a highly successful black athlete who is tarnishing their view of a perfect white power society.

Or they could be PETA supporters who would be there regardless of who was accused of this crime. Could it also be that PETA supporters also tend to be white middle class Americans? Would it not therefore be logical that more whites would tend to be there protesting?

Could another reason for the lack of blacks on the protestor side be that they tend to think that ???????the system??????? is designed to keep them down? Just as they supported OJ when it was clear he was a murderer, they are supporting Vick with blind loyalty.

It is pretty clear that PETA supporters do not care who is violating the rights of animals. There have been many high profile whites they have gone after. They aren????????t a racist organization by any means.

The Innocent Until Proven Guilty Side:

This side was made up of mostly blacks. Why are they there? This is the only part of this issue that can be explained by race. If Vick was white, they wouldn????????t be there. Are blacks supporting NBA referee Tim Donaghy saying that he deserves a fair trial? Would they if he was black?

You see, this side isn????????t really the innocent until proven guilty side. They aren????????t the defenders of the constitution. They are the side that feels oppressed by ???????the system??????? and think every time a person of color is charged with a crime it is because they are colored not because there is credible evidence to go to trial.

Message To The Media:

Please think things out next time you decide to write about some kind of racial divide. You are only making the problem worse. This issue has nothing to do with racism and everything to do with the violation of animal rights. The vast majority of whites wouldn????????t care who was in Michael Vick????????s shoes. If it was Brett Favre, he would be getting the same treatment.

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