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Fatwallet ???????? Save Money By Getting Deals

A major part of my plan to becoming financially free is to contain my spending.???? I????????m not talking about never buying anything either.???? We all have to buy necessities.???? In addition, we need to buy some toys once in a while.???? If you don????????t, you will not be happy.???? And what????????s the point of living, if you????????re not happy?

I found Fatwallet a little over a year ago when I was playing poker to support myself.???? I needed a larger monitor that I could play multiple tables on at one time.???? Playing more tables = winning more money.???? I leave this at that because this poker story deserves its own post.

Anyway, back to the point.???? Fatwallet is a deals forum community.???? It has thousands of members and hundreds of posts a day throughout its many forums.???? If you????????re looking for a deal on anything from printer paper to a new washing machine, I suggest you check the site out.

Here are a few examples of deals that I have gotten over the last year:

-????$1000 dell computer for $550
-????$100 laser printer for $7
-????$60 stick of RAM for $20 x2
-????$80 video card for $3.75 x4
-????$10 photo paper for $.05 x6

There are many more.???? I have bought around 30 items over the last year or so at a significantly reduced price.???? The things I have bought are things that I needed, or things that I could use as gifts.???? This has saved me a lot of money that I have used to fund my other projects (business ideas).

So how are these deals possible????? Mainly two ways.???? Most of the deals are either clearance items or are older items that are being phased out.???? Businesses are constantly getting rid of their older stock so they can put out their products.???? If you wait for this to happen, you can get the items when they are dirt cheap.

Patience is the key with this.???? When I wanted to buy some RAM as a gift, I looked on the forums over a month period waiting for a deal to pop up.???? When it did, I jumped on it and saved myself a lot of money.???? I suggest everyone check it out if you are interested in saving money.

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