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The $20 Trick

I recently learned of the $20 trick a week before my honeymoon trip to Las Vegas.???? Basically the trick involves tipping the check in clerk $20 and asking for a room upgrade.???? This is common practice and has worked for many people.???? Below is my experience with it:

I arrived at the Tropicana with my wife at 2pm and saw that they were checking people into their rooms a little early.???? Having been thinking about the $20 trick for a week, I was more than ready to try it out on our 3 night stay.???? I took out my credit card, drivers license, and $20 bill, placing the 20 between the two.

Informing the clerk that I was checking into the hotel, I handed her the 3 items.???? I made my move and asked, ???????are there are complimentary upgrades available???????????? As she started to answer, I looked down and noticed that the $20 was sandwiched between the credit card and driver????????s license.???? So I very smoothly reached over the counter and moved the credit card so that the $20 was showing.

The clerk smiled at me and informed me that????????s not necessary, but she left the tip where it lay.???? I told her that I was on my honeymoon and wanted to do something special for my wife.???? She then proceeded to offer me a free $20 per night upgrade.???? From my research I knew that a suite upgrade was possible.???? Especially since this was mid-week.???? So I told her I was hoping to get a room with a Jacuzzi in the room.

The clerk left to speak with the manager for 3 minutes.???? I got the feeling that she was trying really hard to get me the suite.???? She came back and said that the best she could do was get me a discount on a suite upgrade of $75 per night.???? This was down from $150 per night.???? I politely told her that I????????d pass on the suit and thanked her for trying.

The clerk ended up booking us on the 20th of 21 floors in a corner room overlooking the strip.???? It was an awesome room, well worth the $20 tip.

Here are some observations:

-????I was a little nervous as I walked up to the counter, but once I got the ball rolling, I was fine.
-????The clerk acted like she had seen the $20 trick before.
-????I was friendly, polite, and smiled a lot.

I can fully recommend trying the $20 trick out.???? Although I did not get a suite upgrade like I was hoping, I saw that it was possible.???? It just didn????????t work out for me that time.???? Maybe my clerk wasn????????t shady enough or maybe the manager was in a bad mood.???? Who knows?

For $20 I received $60 worth of room upgrade, a high floor and a corner room overlooking the strip.???? Well worth the money, time, and effort.???? It doesn????????t hurt to try and you never know, maybe you????????ll get really lucky and get a suite.

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